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Watch TV directly on your PC with TVexe

With the rise of computers and mobile devices, no one can deny that television is on its way out. However, there are still a few old-fashioned people who prefer the old TV viewing and experience, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Despite the convenience of on-demand viewing thanks to Netflix or Hulu, there’s still a nice sense of a nostalgic comfort brought by good ol’ channel surfing. TVexe is a program that provides said nostalgic experience with live streaming, but whether or not it succeeds in providing a good overall experience is the real question. 

Advertised Features 

TVexe is a video streaming app that streams shows from channels from all across the globe. Users will be able to search for programs based on genres, language, countries, and world region. The software has programs for news, music, sports, business, education, general, kids, art, entertainment, and so much more. TVexe also supports 70 languages. It has programs in English, French, and German among others. TVexe supports a lot of countries, and the software allows users to select a program or channel via a world map at the bottom of the screen. The concept of the program is undeniably good, but how does it fare up in terms of execution?

Actual Execution

The software starts off with a pretty good first impression. Installation was pretty quick and easy. Just follow the standard procedure and the software will be up and running in no time. No additional installations were required to run the program. Unfortunately, once you get to the interface, it’s all downhill from there. The interface of the software is pretty awful and cluttered. The software has a lot of advertised features, and the interface suffers for it, sadly. Interaction and response is also pretty slow. A minor positive for this software is the fact that it has a video tutorial available at launch. With all of the buttons at the start screen, it won’t be surprising for a lot of new users to be lost and confused. 

Additionally, finding programs that actually play in this software is pretty difficult. It supports over 1255 stations, but the likelihood that you’ll find one that actually works is pretty low. Most of them can’t reach the server, or they just link you to another site to watch shows. 

Not Quite as Advertised

TVexe’s concept is no doubt ambitious. However, there’s a reason why the new television viewing experience pioneered by Netflix has succeeded so well. It’s just impossible to adapt the stability of cable TV without taking into account the changeableness of the Internet. TVexe’s attempt at bringing the old model of TV viewing back isn’t a success. A lot of the programs and channels are unavailable. Couple this with a slow, unresponsive interface and a media player that doesn’t have much to offer its users and you’ve got a downright unpleasant experience. Kudos to TVexe for trying, but I’ll stick to Netflix

Watch live world TV stations for free, Music, News, Educational Sport + more.

Now you can watch over thousand [1500+] live worldwide TV channels on your PC.

TVexe TV HD is an extremely easy to use application and anyone can find their stations on TV.

Music, news, educational, sports & shopping channels are sorted in a very easy to find way,together with TV in English, Spanish, German & Arabic sections.You may browse world TV by Regions or by country name.No configurations or settings are needed. 1000's of Radio stations free bonus


  • Supports a lot of channels from other countries
  • Can search by genre
  • Has over 1255 stations
  • Has a video tutorial available


  • Awful design and interface
  • Media player is too simple
  • Slow response
  • Channels may not be available

Older versions

Program available in other languages

TVexe for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 6.0
  • 3.6
  • (115)
  • Security Status

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